About Us

Med Life Services offers a comprehensive suite of first aid, safety, and emergency preparedness products to help keep your business compliant and your employees safe. By providing cost effective solutions, quality products, competitive pricing and excellent customer service we are here to save you time while reducing costs.

Our onsite First Aid, Safety and Disaster services are offered on all Islands in the State of Hawaii.

Our safety and disaster services:

  • First Aid Kits
  • First Aid Supplies and Cabinets
  • Safety Equipment and Supplies
  • Earthquake Kits
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • CPR Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Safety Training
  • Emergency Preparedness Kits
  • AED Defibrillators

Contact us today for a free workplace assessment by a local representative. Our Knowledgeable team can recommend a customized, cost effective solution to meet the needs of your workplace and keep your employees safe.

logo med life services medium A family owned business founded in 1998, Med Life Services is a full service medical supply company specializing in First Aid, Disaster preparedness and Safety in the workplace.  

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